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LED Light Water Sensor Diyas Plastic with, Ambient Lights, (Pack of 6/12/18/24)

LED Light Water Sensor Diyas Plastic with, Ambient Lights, (Pack of 6/12/18/24)

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Magical Water Activation: LED Diyas for Enchanting Celebrations

🪔 WATER SENSOR ACTIVATION: These Diyas light up when they come in contact with water, making them perfect for festive occasions and rituals.
🪔 VERSATILE DECOR: Use these Diyas for festivals, celebrations, or as a decorative element for your home, enhancing the ambiance.
🪔 SAFE AND CONVENIENT: Avoid the hassle of traditional oil Diyas with these mess-free, flameless alternatives.
🪔 LONG-LASTING GLOW: Enjoy hours of illumination with these LED Diyas, ensuring your celebrations shine brightly.

🪔 ELEGANT LIGHTING: These LED Diyas offer elegant lighting that transforms your space, making them perfect for various occasions.
🪔 WATER-ACTIVATED:  The Diyas light up when they come in contact with water, adding a unique and enchanting element to your celebrations.
🪔 EXTENDED ILLUMINATION: These LED Diyas provide long-lasting illumination, ensuring your celebrations remain beautifully lit.

🪔 LED LIGHTING: The Diyas are equipped with LED lights that create a warm and welcoming glow.
🪔 WATER SENSOR ACTIVATION: These Diyas are designed to light up when they come in contact with water.
🪔 VERSATILE USE: Perfect for festivals, celebrations, rituals, or as ambient decor in your home.
🪔 FLAMELESS AND MESS-FREE: Avoid the risks and mess of traditional oil Diyas, ensuring safety and cleanliness.
🪔 LONG BATTERY LIFE: Enjoy extended illumination with these Diyas, making them perfect for prolonged events.
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